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FURNISHING YOUR DECK - Furniture and accessories - When shopping for patio furniture, it's important to size your furniture in proportion to your available space. This allows for a comfortable amount of space for you, family, or guests to move around.

In order to not make the patio or deck seem crowded and to allow people to freely move around, you will need to allow a minimum of 10' 6" for the table and chair area. This allows for movement, but not a lot. To really accommodate a comfortable feel and allow freedom of movement, plan on sizing the patio or deck at 12 to 14 feet if you're using a 48" table.

Shown below are illustrations indicating the amount of space between the table and the railing or wall.

Round or Square Table - Regardless if your table is round or square, you want to provide 3' 6" between the table edge and any wall or railing.

This allows a person to slide the chair back to sit down or get up comfortably.


Rectangular Table for Two - The chair located in a corner would still have the 3' 6" required distance from a wall or railing.

Allowing for a little distance when up against a wall will provide a less confined feeling and also give some elbow room.


If you plan on having a bbq grille on the deck or patio, you should allow sufficient space for cooking and people passing by while cooking. You will also have to consider what is behind the grille. If it's against a wood railing, the fire building code has minimum setbacks from the wood (see illustration below). You'll also want to place the grille far enough away from shrubbery as the heat can burn and damage the greenery. You should consider 1 to 2 feet from the greenery with the lid open. The heat generated from a grille can be quite intense.

BBQ Grille Location - The heat generated from a grille can char or allow any surrounding wood to ignite.

The building code requires a set back of 1' from the corner of the grille (when the lid is open) to the wood railing. Always consult your local building department or fire inspection department for setbacks in your town.

WATER is a great feature and focal point for any patio or deck. Free standing fountains and waterfalls create a real calming feeling. They can be tucked into a corner or placed in the flower bed next to the area. Size your water feature to your area. Some prefer the water be heard and not necessarily seen.

OUTDOOR SPEAKERS allow you to bring your music outdoors. You can purchase wireless speakers that have a transmitter hooked up to your indoor receiver. They can be hidden in the flower bed and stand up to the weather. These speakers run on batteries (which can make it through the entire season) or they can plug into an outlet with the use of a transformer. They're reasonably priced.

GAZEBO - If you get full sun throughout the day and early evening, a free standing gazebo can provide shade and relief that will allow you to eat without the sun blasting down on you. A 10x10' gazebo will accommodate a 48" table and chairs and can be set up anywhere on the patio or deck. The downside is that the canvas can tear at the tabs if a wind storm comes by. The sun also takes a toll on the canvas and can weaken it with time. Generally, a replacement top can be purchased through the manufacturer.

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