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GIVE YOUR FIREPLACE A NEW LOOK - There are various makeovers you can give your fireplace ranging from a new mantel to a complete new look.

Before you start imagining a new look, remember that fire codes will have to be considered. Any combustible product that you might use, such as wood, will have to be a certain distance from the firebox. Your local building department can inform you of the code requiring the distances.

BRICK FRONT FIREPLACE - The options can be a complete refacing of the fireplace with marble tile or just painting the brick. Shown below is a standard brick fireplace with a pine mantel. The brick was painted and given a faux finish using teabags. The existing mantel was disassembled and rebuilt. The dental was removed and crown installed in it's place. The sides of the fascia were refinished with wood.


Another option to refacing your fireplace is to use marble. The 1st fireplace pictured below uses 12x12" marble tiles. All of the brick was covered with marble and finished in oak. One thing to consider with marble is it's softness. Unlike granite, marble is a softer material and is subject to scratching.

It's not always necessary to have custom marble slabs made, although it is an option as shown in the middle image below. This fireplace was made up of 4 slabs by a local granite supplier. A floating mantle was installed afterward.

Not all fireplaces are traditional in appearance. The 3rd fireplace below is a ventless prefab and was finished in a south western design by Thomas Libucki Home Services, LLC.


While this article touches on the idea of refacing your fireplace, there are many more options that can be done. These include the very contemporary to the very ornate. What you decide to do with your fireplace and how far you decide to take the makeover is completely up to you and the building and fire code book.

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