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FAUCETS - Faucets come in a vast assortment of styles and finishes. There are so many styles that you're sure to find one to fit your taste unless you have trouble making up your mind because of the vast selection.

Finishes can include chrome, brushed chrome, nickel, brushed nickel, bronze, antique bronze, and polished gold. Did I mention them all? Styles of faucets can be Victorian to Art Deco and anywhere in between. Open top faucets can create a flowing waterfall into your sink. A high arc style faucet of gooseneck type faucet works best with deep sinks or vessel type sinks. Choosing a faucet is truly a personal matter and a reflection on the owner as much as the bathroom it's being placed in. Certainly you've seen the commercial to build a house around a faucet.

Aside from choosing your finish and style, you'll choose the spread. Faucets come in 4" and 8" spread. This is the distance between the handles. A 4" faucet would be a one-piece faucet where all components are on a common base. An 8" spread faucet does not have a common base connecting everything. All three components of the faucet are separate. It's a very nice look and can be used in a traditional or contemporary setting.

If you're planning on replacing your vanity top with a custom sized one, choose your faucet first. Then you can have the holes drilled in the proper location, depending on the faucet you choose.

There are many major faucet manufacturers providing a vast variety of faucets. Try to stick with a higher quality faucet. The slightly higher price will be worth it when the faucet endures the test of time. Cheaper faucets tend to leak sooner and wear out quicker.

Some manufacturer's products are only sold through plumbing suppliers, others offer their products through local home centers. While faucets can cost several hundred dollars, you're sure to find a great looking faucet within your budget. Be prepared to spend between $100 and 150.00 for a good quality bathroom faucet.

Popular Manufacturers of Faucets
Price Pfister
American Standard


You can sometimes find your faucet online cheaper than in the store. Write down the manufacturer and model number while you're shopping and then search for it online. Don't confuse the model with the store SKU number. If the model number matches exactly, you've found the same item.

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